DZines Professional Graphic Design, 3D and Technical Drawings

3D Presentation

We supply 3D visuals for commercial, residential and product stills. These will bring your exhibitions to life before they are actually built and installed. This is better than just seeing a printed picture on a page, but brings it to life and is a more accurate depiction of what the final product will look. This is not limited to exhibition stands only, but we also do this for interior and exterior design purposes.

Our presentations for all our exhibition stands also include full colour 3D visuals as well as technical drawings. We can help with the entire process, from concept of the stand, manufacturing and installation of the stand.

3D Presentation Gallery

Presentations for all our exhibition stands include colour 3D visuals as well as technical drawings. If you’re looking for just the concept visuals or help with the entire stand setup and manufacture we can assist you.

3D Interior Renders

Interior renders are a way of providing you with an accurate idea of what your interior will look before a single tool is lifted!

Technical Drawings

We are also equipped and skilled to execute technical drawings for various purposes. These are done to scale and are used to give clear direction to a team that is in building or assembling projects. Without these the execution of your project may not be as accurate as can be.

We will be happy to sit and consult with your team so that we can give you clear technical drawings to ensure perfect implementation and direction of your projects. We have done various drawings for shop installations that are architecturally approved, which is a requirement when installation at most malls.

Technical Drawings Gallery

Typical Custom Exhibition Stands Drawings

FloorWorx Homemakers Expo

Technical drawings of FloorWorx’s custom exhibition stand for the Homemakers Expo 2014. Clients can expect to get drawings such as these as well as a colour render of their stand when using Dzines. If you require only the drawings and have your own stand builder we are happy just to charge you for the drawings, alternatively you can get us to quote on the manufacturing of the design in addition to the drawings.

Typical System Exhibition Stands Drawings

Instacom IFSEC stand:

A typical presentation and techincal drawings of a system exhibition stand that you can expect to get from Dzines.

Typical Showroom Drawings

FloorWorx Showroom:

FloorWorx has used Dzines for many year to build and design their exhibition stands. So when it came time to renovate their showroom we were more than happy to be part of the project. These technical drawings show the first itteration of the showroom layout. Some units were modified and others were discarded before the final drawings were accepted.

Typical Shop Drawings


Technical drawings done for Plantina’s clothing store at the Heidelberg mall. We did all the drawings and dealt directly with the architects amending the drawings where necessary. This shows the drawings the client receives before the balance payment is made. The water marks were all removed, and all outstanding thumbnail drawings were sent as full sized A3 drawings when the balance payment was made.

In addition to this the client needed their logo redrawn as the quality was very low. We redrew the logo and used it then to make up spec on their in-store signage.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team is highly skilled and experienced at executing high quality visuals for various uses. We will start the project with you from conceptualising, to implementation and printing.

Our graphic design and printing jobs encompass the following, but are not limited to:

  • Roll up portable banners
  • Banner walls
  • Collapsible branded tables
  • Fabric light boxes
  • Hanging banners flags
  • Umbrellas

In addition to this, we also supply various large format printing. You can choose to give us ready-made artwork to print for you or you can consult with our team for a brand new concept and artwork.