Dzines interior design services

We offer various renovation services for your commercial space, and home, and we also make custom furniture that is tailored to your style and preference. Our work is always clean and seamless. Ours is a promise of quality and grand style.

Point Of Sale


We offer renovation services for revamps and complete commercial space remodeling. Whether you need our services for a warehouse, office space or showrooms, our team is more than qualified and skilled to ensure that your brand’s personality is captivated and translated in the look and feel of your premises. Shop fitting solutions and if you are in the market for a complete make over or just a few updates here and there, we at DZines can give you exactly what you need.

Commercial Renovation Gallery

Miro Boardrooms

Treger Showroom

Panasonic Launch

Panasonic Showroom


Your home is your oasis and the canvass where you show off your taste and style. Allow our team of expert interior designers, technicians and craftsmen to update the look and feel of your home. All our previous clients agree on one thing; our expert team really has a keen eye for detail and we always deliver concise and clean results that speak to your personal style whilst remaining functional and practical.

Residential Renovation Gallery

Kyber Rock kitchen & bathrooms

Rustenburg kitchen

JHB South Kitchen

Custom Furniture

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all interior design solutions. People are individuals and they endeavor to reflect that in their homes and commercial space. We can also make custom furniture for point of sale purposes. We will design furniture that speaks to your style and preferences that also works well in your space. Ready-made furniture sometimes does not fit well into some spaces, we create custom furniture that will fit and be easy to maintain and practical to use.

Custom Furniture Gallery

Custom Furniture Gallery

Custom Elements

In addition to entire house and rooms we can also create elements to add a personal touch to your home.

Custom Elements Gallery

Custom Elements Gallery