Dzines is proud to be an approved distributor of Lorenzetti instant heating shower heads and fittings.

With the cost of living rising and the need to be Eco-friendly placing an additional financial burned on our daily lives our range of Lorenzetti products will not only save you money but also save water and electricity.

All shower heads, taps and instant water heaters need only a cold water connection thereby eliminating the need for a hot water connection from a geyser. The units heat the water via an electrical element, which is easily replaceable, in a matter of seconds. This not only saves water by not having to waiting for it to heat up, but also saves electricity. When any of the units are in use they only consume electricity as and when the hot water is being used, once the tap/shower head has been turned off the unit stops drawing power.

This results in substantial savings on your utility bills of between 20% & 50%, dependent on how long your use the units for. Our products are in the process of being SABS approved with the exception of the Blinducha and Versatil heater which are already certified. Fittings need to be installed by a qualified electrician and plumber in order not to void the 1 year guarantee.

The exclusive Lorenzetti grounding system provides safety to its user and to the electrical system. Through this system, the earth leakage current that can be originated in the system is turned away (diverted) to the ground, avoiding risks of electrical shocks.

In addition, Lorenzetti products are produced in thermoplastic, which is an insulating material and resistant to temperature oscillation.


Electric Showers

Our self-heating shower heads come in a variety of options to suit your budget.

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Electric Taps

Our self-heating taps are affordable as they are stylish.

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Electric Water Heaters

Looking to keep your existing fittings but still want all the Lorenzetti savings? Our water heaters allow you to have the best of both worlds.

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Shower arms and replacement elements.

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Gas Geysers

We additionally stock Lorenzetti gas geysers!

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