Save with Your Office Showers and Instant Hot Water Devices

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Save Water with Instant Hot Water Devices from Lorenzetti

Many companies across different industries have had to re-evaluate their offering to their employees, in order to make themselves attractive employers. This is especially true in competitive industries such as tech and education. To this end, many employers choose to provide their staff with onsite gymnasiums, which also requires them to have showers readily available for their teams to use.

Instant hot water devices can help your business cut down on both electricity and water. No longer will your team need to let the water run to warm it up before they can start their shower. Now, water will be instantly heated as it leaves the shower head and tap. It’s only one of the many ways that it can help to save your business money on the heating and dispensing of water. These devices also negate the need for a geyser to sit idly keeping water warm throughout the day, which leads to even greater energy savings.

Looking for Instant Hot Water Devices? You’ve Come to the Right Place

At Dzines, we have worked hard to rise to the top of our industry. Today, we are one of the leaders in the leaders in the supply of Lorenzetti products in South Africa. These products provide you with instant hot water, requiring no geysers and saving you greatly in electricity and water.

Now, your taps and showers will provide you with instant hot water in a matter of seconds. As one of the few approved distributors of Lorenzetti products, we continue to work hard to provide our valued clients with the great service and solutions that they have come to expect from us. We are proud of our long history of great service, and continue to add tangible value to the businesses and lives of our clients.

Let us do the same for you. Thanks to our unyielding commitment to offering value and keeping our rates as competitive as possible, we remain popular among our clients, enjoying great word of mouth referrals and return business. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.